Q: What is MeshBean Advertising ?

A: MeshBean Advertising helps advertisers to reach targeted mobile app users and app developers to boost their app installs with real users.

Q: What is Pay Per Install ?

A: Pay-per-install is a cost metric that allow advertiser only pay if the software/app is installed by an user.

Q: Where do the installs come from ?

A: All our traffic comes from our offer-walls apps. We have a secure and transparent marketplace full of users waiting to find new apps. Our users are more likely to engage and keep your apps for longer compared with other providers. Also, we are the only one with high encrypted and proxy security. We guaranteed 99.9% fraud free.

Q: How does it work ?

A: We will locate your app using your Google Play/Apple app’s link and use your package app's name to connect to our platform. Our users will install it in exchange for a small reward. They can keep the app, use it and/or review it if they like it.

Q: Do you accept all apps ?

A: We only accept apps that are free to installs by users.

Q: Can I use my affiliate link to promote app installs ?

A: Yes, you can definitely used your affiliate link to promote app installs. You will need to contact one of our representative to help you.